Issue #40 - Spring 2023


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  Letter to the Members

Dear Elder College Members,

We are pleased to report that our gradual return to full course offerings has gone well. In the Spring we introduced several more indoor sessions and continued to offer outdoor courses. Our Fall semester functioned almost, normally, the exception being the absence of provided refreshments.

We have produced a diversified roster for Spring 2023. There is a trending preference by our members for one or two session courses. That has been taken into consideration with our forthcoming calendar and we know you will find, among the 29 courses, at least one that you will want to join.

The registration procedure we used in September 2022 was successful and we will repeat that format in January 2023, including continued caution regarding Covid and the other troublemakers of that ilk.

It is the hard work of the Curriculum Committee, the Executive Board and the volunteer course leaders and coordinators that provide our community with this lifelong learning opportunity.

On behalf of your Elder College team, including Barry Sale, who continues to contribute from the other side of the Rockies,

Anna Hughes