Issue #33 - Spring 2018


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  Letter to the Members

Hello, Elders! Now that the busy Christmas/New Years’ season is over, it’s time to turn our attention to the blah months of February and March. It is a perfect time to keep our minds active and to find new things to do to pique our interest. That’s where Elder College comes in. For this Spring Semester, your Curriculum Committee has come up with 23 enjoyable and stimulating course offerings. These courses are a response to your requests, suggestions, and survey results, and they represent 4 months’ of hard work by the committee to find instructors and coordinators, then to scheduling them into a workable timetable. I thank the committee for the excellent work it does.

This Spring, we have come up with 19 “regular” courses for you to consider, ranging in length from 6 sessions down to a single session. In addition, there are four free community service courses which are open to everyone. Many of the courses are repeats, back by popular demand. These include computer classes, French for tourists, Watercolours, Philosopher’s Café, Furniture Refinishing, Jewelry Refurbishing, and Soap & Candle Making. There are some “old” courses with a new twist, including Memoir Writing, Gardening, a Cooking Class, Yoga, and Living Geology. The Community Service courses include a discussion series about last year’s wildfires, another Waste Diversion Tour, a 3 session Advanced Care Planning seminar, and a session on Estate Planning. We hope we have provided something for everyone in our lineup.

The important dates to remember this semester are shown on the left hand side of this page. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17th is the main registration day. The week before, on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10th, you will be able to purchase your membership for Elder College in advance. This is a membership sign up only, not registration for courses. Late registration takes place at the Seniors’ Activity Centre in the afternoon of WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24th for those classes that are not full. Just a reminder that if you are unable to attend one of the registration days, you can have someone come and register for you (one other person per member).

A couple of other things to note: The iPad class begins on Tuesday, January 23rd, so there will only be one opportunity to sign up for this class. Also we are going to partner up with the Canadian Senior Citizens group and the local Retired Teachers Association to put on a workshop on Emergency Preparedness. This is scheduled for Tuesday, March 27th at the Community Arts Centre. Watch for a reminder and a confirmation of the time.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who give so freely of their time as instructors, coordinators, Executive Board members, and Curriculum Committee members to make our Elder College so successful. Over 280 members now enjoy our course offerings, and we have an organization which is envied in many other communities in BC. I am proud to be a part of it.

Barry Sale, Curriculum Committee Chair