Issue #35 - Spring 2019


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  Letter to the Members

Happy New Year Elder College Members! We have prepared an interesting batch of courses and learning opportunities for you to enjoy this Spring 2019. We hope these offerings pique your interest on Registration Day. The course offerings are in response to feedback from you through surveys, and word of mouth.

Attached to this newsletter are the courses for Spring. In addition to the course offerings there is a brochure (green sheet|) which is an abbreviated form of the course descriptions. This “green sheet” is distributed throughout the community in hard copy.

Starting on page 8 of this Newsletter is the Executive Member List of Elder College followed by general policies and procedures of Elder College. In the left margin of this page are the registration details for sign-up this Semester. Membership is $10.00 and course fees are noted in the course write-up. Please note that January 16, 2019 is for membership sign-up only not for course registration. Course registration will follow on January 23rd and 30th. On these days one may also register as a member in conjunction to course sign-up. Course registration is at 1:00 pm sharp not earlier. If one cannot register in person then you may have someone register for you. Payment must accompany your registration.

This year Elder College has entered into a partnership with the Williams Lake Film Club, which brings in a series of critically acclaimed movies for viewing over the winter. All Elder College members are eligible for a 33% discount to watch these films. Show your Elder College Membership card at the door. Usual fee is $12.00 but with the discount our fee is $8.00. Watch for newspaper ads or e-mails from Barry Sale to inform you of upcoming movies.

Finally we encourage all Elder College members to sign up for membership in the Old Age Pensioners Organization (OAPO) of Williams Lake. This is the administrative body of the Seniors Activity Centre (SAC) for which we are partnered with. Fees are $20.00 (separate from Elder College fees).

Thank you for your support and please consider volunteering with Elder College.

Robert (Bob) Osmachenko
President, Elder College