Issue #42 - Spring 2024


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  Letter to the Members

Dear Elder College Members,

Happy New Year – 2024 looks to be another promising year for Elder College.

We are offering more spring courses than we managed in the fall. As I am writing this, I know the Curriculum Committee is busy working to finalize the details. There are so many logistical tasks to ensure courses are delivered to our members. The Executive is working to ensure that we provide courses as cost effective as possible. This past Fall our course fees were in line with the estimates provided, which is positive. We are still working on ensuring our administration fees are properly allocated to our course fees. Positively our membership increased over the years, and we hope this continues.

Our Annual General Meeting was held November 15, 2023. A new set of Bylaws and Constitution was presented and approved. This means we are meeting the new requirements of the Societies Act. We elected four new directors and look forward to working with them and including their ideas moving forward. Our membership fee will remain the same - $10.00 for the calendar year. This was decided after a motion was passed to discontinue the $1500.00 student bursary. The mandate of Elder College is to focus on adult learning, and we strive to make that as economical as possible.

Elder College would like to thank Barb Aquilon, Darrell Barron and Joanne Wright for their contributions to the executive. We wish them all the best! Additionally, we welcome our new members on both the executive and curriculum committees. Elder College relies on the volunteer course leaders and coordinators that provide our community with these courses delivering lifelong learning opportunities. We thank these volunteers for their on-going support.

Please note the important registration dates on the left side of this page. The first registration is on January 17 between 12:30 and 2:30 PM at St. Andrews United Church. Late registration is on January 24 between 1:30 and 2:30 and the location is the Seniors Centre.

President, Bev Atkins